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To pair and link independent art initiatives in Marseille and Turin through a reciprocal invitation. Art will become a contact zone to bring closer Marseille to Turin and encourage exchanges between these two cities with strong artistic potential.

Independent spaces overview

In Marseille and in Turin, the goal is to establish an inventory of places identified as independent: artist-run-spaces, project spaces, alternative or hybrid proposals. These are human scale structures, responsive, innovating in their dissemination modalities, they experiment new relations between art, public and artists and try invent new economic models.


Create couples, pairs, to reveal acquaintances between these two transalpine cities. They are complementary, they share a similar vision, the same commitment on which it could be build a long-term complicity.
The structures of Turin are invited in Marseille and viceversa to discover and meet various independent places and to establish in the course of the exchanges a favored relation with one of them.

Mutual invitation

Around ten days the structures of Turin invest the independent spaces in Marseille: exhibitions, workshops, conversations, open studios, interventions, projections, meetings, round tables. The experience will he held on both cities in different temporalities. Every proposal - in Marseille and in Turin - is planned by each duo in narrow relation according to their affinities and their spaces in total freedom.

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