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Dos Mares at Turin
1- 3 November 2019 NESXT Art Festival
Torino Art Week

L'indépendance a cessé d'exister avec la conscience de la mondialisation au profit du concept d'interdépendance relayé dans l'art par l'interdisciplinarité. En même temps que l'artiste a cessé d'être un spécialiste, est apparue la possibilité pour chacun de développer sa propre créativité et prétendre au statut d'artiste. Nous sommes aujourd'hui contraints d'inventer de nouveaux systèmes économiques qui intègrent ce potentiel artistique où compétences, objets, connaissances et services ne peuvent être que mutualisés. Via Domitia est le point de départ de cette dynamique.

Independence has ceased to exist with the consciousness of globalization, favouring the concept of interdependence, which  in art is relayed by interdisciplinarity. At the same time as the artist ceased to be a specialist, it appears the opportunity for everyone to develop their own creativity and claim the artist status. Today we are forced to invent new economic systems that integrate this artistic potential where skills, objects, knowledge and services can only be shared. Via Domitia is the starting point of this dynamic.

Interdependent spaces overview

In Marseille and in Turin, an inventory of interdependency will be stablished: artist-run-spaces, project spaces, curatorial platforms, antigaleries, alternative or hybrid proposals. These are human scale structures, responsive, innovating in their dissemination modalities, they experiment new relations between art, public and artists and try invent new economic models.


Reserchers, historians ,artists, curators, public from the arts are invited to several sessions in Marseille and Turin to reveal acquaintances between these two transalpine cities. They are complementary, they share a similar vision, the same commitment on which it could be build a long-term complicity. 

Mutual invitation

The experience will he held on both cities in different temporalities during 2019 and 2020.

Dos Mares will be at NESXT Art Festival in Turin from 1 -3 November 2019 at Dora Docks.

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Dos Mares are a group of interconnected projects that favours research and innovation in art. Dos Mares accompanies and encourages international artists and researchers in the development and critical analysis of their practice, the production of interdisciplinary knowledge, the implementation of translocal practices, commoning, intercultural collaborations, the development of professional networks and the construction of alternative and hybrid economic models. 

Via Domitia is a project by Dos Mares - Marseille.